If in your mind, losing 20 pounds is an impossible feat, think again. We are not saying that you need to envelop your body in wraps or take a magic pill… You just need to adjust your eating habits and sacrifice some things in the short term, for the results you want. This guide will not push you to do a certain diet rather it will just help you pick the exercise and eating strategies that can suit your lifestyle!

12 Ways To Drop 20 Pounds In 14 Days

Drink Mostly Water

If you opt to drink fruit smoothie, light beer or energy drink, additional calories will enter your body and eventually you have to work out to eliminate it. Also, the 100 calorie drink that you just consumed will not satisfy you if you’re hungry. They also have high percentage of carbohydrates and sodium which will puff you out and make you retain water.

Avoid Consuming Pasta and White Bread
If you cut out white grain items such as spaghetti, sandwich rolls and white rice, you will instantly see the weight loss effect because these foods can cause bloating. They are also digested quickly which just leaves you hungry and you’ll probably eat a lot on a later time.

Do Cardiovascular Workouts for At 30 Minutes Daily
If you want to burn a lot of calories, do cardio. Make sure that you engage numerous muscles so that your whole body is incorporated into the workout. You can opt to do boot camp workouts, cardio kickboxing and spinning. Each exercise burns up to 300 calories while toning your core, legs and arms.

Consume Coffee Before Exercising
Aside from water, coffee before reaching for that dumbbell can make you more productive in your workout. You will burn more without even thinking that you are pushing harder. You can opt for coffee with skim milk or just black for fewer calories.

Have Sex Nightly with you On Top
If you are on top every night when you have sex with your partner, chances are your torch a lot of calories and make you in control of the body movement. Whatever position you choose whether it be reverse cow girl or plainly girl on top, you will end up burning fat in the process.

Do 36 Lunges and Push-ups Every Other Day
If you want to have a streamlined appearance, get on your hands and feet and do lunges and pushups. Do 3×12 of the exercises. Lunges targets thighs, hips and butt and while push-ups take care of the upper body.

Sleep More at Night
When you increase your sleeping time for at least 30 minutes, you will notice that you will less likely to reach for that chocolate drink. Because your body is refreshed, you will not feel the need to get a boost of energy through additional sweet food. Lethargic is not something that you will experience and you will even have the energy to go to the gym.

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Sacrifice One Food
When you cut out one bad food habit and take it away forever, you will see hundreds of calories will be subtracted on a weekly basis. You will experience a little setback at first but it will eventually mean less flab for you.

Lunch Means Salmon Time
Eat nutritious salmon that is perfect for building muscle tone and giving you a healthy glow.

Sit-ups and Squats
If you want to add definition to your muscle, do sit-ups and squats. Do at least 3 x 12 of the exercises to tighten the legs, butt and abs temporarily.

Stand Up Straight
Align your spine and shoulders while you suck your belly towards the spine to give you a slimmer appearance.

Do the 13 Day Diet
Many women make things complicated which is why it is hard for them to lose weight. If you think those steps above are hard to follow, a 13 day meal plan has guidelines you can follow.

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